Frequently Asked Questions

How long does closing take?
It typically takes about 10 days for a property to close. All closings are handled by a local title company and documents are overnighted to you to sign and return, along with a cashiers check for the balance of the purchase price made payable to the title company. Once the documents and funds are returned to the title company the deed is recorded immediately.

When do I get the keys to my new investment home?
Keys are sent via Federal Express to each buyer on the day of the closing.

Do you have property management services?
We are a full service investment firm. Through our extensive work in certain markets we have built up strong relationships with local property management companies. We will be happy to put you in touch with a company who can handle all of your property management needs.

Do I need to come in person to close on the property?
All of our closings are handled by a local title company. The documents are either overnighted or emailed to the buyer, so there is no need to come in person. We are dedicated to ensuring fast, smooth and hassle-free transactions.

How much work needs to be done to the properties?
We are very selective about the properties we purchase. We usually have to look at 15-20 homes before finding one that meets our quality standards. Generally the extent of the repairs is cosmetic, such as painting, carpeting etc. We will be happy to refer you to a local contractor to assist you with repairs etc.

Is there parking available at the property?
While this varies on a property by property basis, we generally look to buy homes that have ample off street parking. Many of our homes have driveways and garages for residents and tenants to park.

How can you sell these homes at such a great price?
We have been in the real estate business for years, and have built up an extensive network of local contacts with extensive familiarity of their local markets. Through our network of on the ground representatives we are able to scour literally thousands of homes for sale and negotiate great deals on investment properties. Our sources include foreclosures, pre foreclosures, auctions and owner direct deals. All of this enables us to buy a large volume of properties at amazing prices and pass along the savings.

How do you buy foreclosures?
The secret to buying foreclosures is hard work, experience and lots of due diligence. We work with a variety of contacts in the local markets where we acquire foreclosed property. Our contacts are intimately familiar with each market, and review numerous foreclosed homes, helping us buy foreclosures that meet our high standards. Through the extensive network and relationships we have developed we are able to buy foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar passing the savings on to our investors. We will show you how to buy foreclosures and become a real estate investor.

Do you offer seller financing?
We do not offer seller financing. All of our sales are cash sales and buyers should have all funds available in cash when they purchase a property so they are ready to close in time. Because you are buying discount properties from us, at very reduced prices, the paperwork and extra time that would be involved does make it worthwhile for us to offer seller financing.

Who handles the closing?
The closing is handled by a local title company. They perform the title search, provide title insurance and prepare the closing documents. Our title company is experienced, and professional and dedicated to working with you to make the closing a fast, smooth and easy process.

Are there any liens on the property?
We own each of the properties that we sell, and all of our properties are free of any liens and encumbrances. Upon closing you will have full title to the property.

Can I buy title insurance?
Yes. All of our properties come with fully insurable title, and title insurance is always available.


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