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    Empiria Homes Inc. is a real estate investment company that acquires homes at deep discounts to     market value and passes along the savings to real estate investors. Many of the homes we buy are     acquired through foreclosure, and by working with us we make it easy to buy foreclosed homes. Often     times the investors we work with buy these discounted and foreclosed properties to renovate and resell     or to rent out and hold for long term cash flow and appreciation.

    We work with many out of state real estate investors, and many of our real estate investors come from     California, Florida, New York, Nevada and other states. Through our extensive network of real estate     professionals nationwide we are able to find deals on foreclosures and other residential real estate, buying these homes at absolutely the best prices. We resell these homes at substantial savings to our investors often times for just pennies on the dollar. We work with the experts to find foreclosures, specializing in the following markets :

New York

Our business philosophy is to buy high quality homes at below market and resell these investment homes at competitive prices.  Through selling great investment property and foreclosed homes at rock bottom prices we can help our investors make a profit, which lets us maintain our solid reputation and build long term relationships with our clients.   When our clients make money they come back and buy more, which is good for us and good for them.  All of our properties are owned by our company free and clear.  Our properties and free of any liens or encumbrances and all closings are handled by a professional local title company.

If you buy from us, we will work closely with you to meet your real estate investing needs.  We will strive to make the home buying process quick and easy, and will give you the personalized attention you deserve.  Let us show you how to invest in foreclosures and start profiting from the current foreclosure boom!


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